Euroluce 2019: Top 10 Highlights

Reflex by Vistosi Euroluce 2019

Milan’s annual Design Week never lets us down; our team has just returned from this year’s Euroluce 2019 international lighting exposition at Salone del Mobile, which showcased new collections and novelties from many of the top brand names in modern and contemporary lighting. We are very excited to show you our favorite collections that made their debut at this year’s Design Week:

1. Madre by Andrea Anastasio for Foscarini

Incorporating botanical elements into lighting is a trend that we have seen come to life within the past few years. At Euroluce 2019, Foscarini presented their own take on this trend through the creation Madre, a beautiful floor/table lamp designed by Andrea Anastasio. The upper hollow of Madre’s body contains a vase within frosted borosilicate glass, where branches and flowers can be placed to create unique compositions. Anastasio described Madre as a design filled with many poetic references. “It alludes to the large hips of mother goddesses, the divinities that protect the fertility of the earth. But also, the vessel as a container of life, because it was first created to contain food, rather than flowers.” Explains Anastasio.


Madre table / floor lamp by FoscariniMadre table / floor lamp by Foscarini

2. Diphy by Linea Light Group

The Diphy collection by Linea Light Group is inspired by a special Asian flower called Diphylleya Grayi, whose petals, upon contact with water, become virtually transparent. Diphy draws on elements found in nature, strongly resembling falling leaves swaying in a gentle breeze. The thin white coated aluminum bar houses the LED source, while a clean light fills the diffuser which distributes it onto the floor below. The extreme transparency of the glass contrasts the brightness of the lit lamp, decorated by a pattern of laser micro-incisions, which Linea Light Group branded as OptiLight Technology™.

The Diphy collection effectively combines functionality with design, bringing a unique look to both residential and non-residential spaces. This combination of transparent elements with light sources has been a large trend at Euroluce 2019, and we expect to see many more collections incorporating these elements in the future.


Diphy Pendant by Linea Light GroupDiphy Pendant by Linea Light Group

3. Plot by Vistosi 

One of our absolute favorite collections from Euroluce 2019 was Plot presented by Vistosi. Plot is inspired by the weaving of oriental bamboo scaffolding and gives a feeling of lightness and suspension, achieved through the play of balances where the light source is supported through the interweaving of the metal rods. The pendant combines both metal and glass materials, available in tones of clear and smokey.


Plot Pendant by Vistosi

4. Wireline by Flos

WireLine by Flos is not just a lamp, but rather an object that can be positioned half way between art and industrial design. Designed by the Italian artist duo Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, WireLine uses its power cables as one of the main features of the design. Flattened to resemble a belt made of rubber and hanging from the ceiling, the cable holds a ribbed piece of glass containing an LED light source. The lamp plays on the contrast between the industrial feeling of the rubber and the sophistication of glass. While Wireline is a statement piece on its own, our team witnessed an installation of several units, which created a unique and elaborate visual composition.


Wireline by Flos Wireline by Flos

5. La Linea by BIG for Artemide

For this year’s edition of Euroluce, Artemide has once again opened up new frontiers in lighting through continuous technological innovation, experimentation with new materials and human-centred design. One of our personal favorite novelties was La Lineaa flexible tube of light capable of twisting, bending and conforming to any desired shape or length. Designed through another collaboration between Artemide and Danish architecture company Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), La Linea truly embodies lighting innovation in every sense of the word, with the potential to blend into any indoor or outdoor space, or become a statement piece on its own.


La Linea by Artemide La Linea by Artemide

6. PLUSMINUS by Stefan Diez for Vibia

Designed with versatility and innovation at its core, the Plusminus collection by Barcelona lighting brand Vibia continues to challenge the status quo of traditional lighting tracks. Munich-based designer Stefan Diez worked with a Berlin-based institute to design a textile strap that would allow the conduit of an electrical current through its entire length. Plusminus utilizes the properties of this strap in combination with lights in varied shapes and sizes that could be freely attached and removed from the strap to bring light to wherever needed. The textile belt could be run in any direction, allowing for the creation of endless lighting compositions.


PLUSMINUS by Stefan Diez for Vibia Euroluce 2019PLUSMINUS by Stefan Diez for Vibia Euroluce 2019

7. Dalì by Nava + Arosio for ITALAMP

The Dalì pendants presented by ITALAMP made quite the appearance at Euroluce, capturing the attention of many designers and members of the press. Paolo Nava and Luca Arosio, the two designers behind Dalì, were inspired by the surrealist Spanish artist when conceptualizing the curving, sinuous lines of the glass. Similar to the famous clock paintings by Salvador Dalì, the glass pieces overlap in several layers, giving the lamp a “soft” look and a sense of lightness. The LED light source is inserted into the metal support of the lamp, illuminating the colored glass and bringing a pop of color to the surroundings. Dalì will be only available as a pendant, in green, amethyst, blue and grey colors.


Dalì Pendants by ITALAMP at EuroluceDalì Pendants by ITALAMP at Euroluce

8. Accordéon by Marc Sadler for SLAMP

One of our favorite things about SLAMP is their ability to continuously amaze us with new collaborations and partnerships with the top names in light design. This year, SLAMP showcased Accordéon, a collection created through a collaboration with designer Marc Sadler. With Accordéon, Sadler continues to explore the infinite possibilities of SLAMP’s technopolymers, using the bellows of an accordion as inspiration. The textile plissé effect utilized in the collection is unique to SLAMP, marking the beginning of a new contemporary narrative trend, in which design, fashion, craftsmanship and technology come together in a permanent bond. Accordéon will be available in three colors: gold, silver and white.


Accordéon by Marc Sadler for SLAMP at Euroluce Accordéon by Marc Sadler for SLAMP at Euroluce

9. Amsterdam by Matteo Ugolini for Karman

This year, Karman has delighted us with Amsterdam, another addition to the “Karman Zoo”, a comical collection that lights up contemporary spaces with a design that is both bold and unconventional. Designed by Karman’s art director Matteo Ugolini, Amsterdam is inspired by a bulldog that was spotted roaming the streets in the Dutch capital. Similar to the Ugo Rilla presented at Euroluce 2017, the Amsterdam wall lamp will be available in both matte white and ceramic grey finishes.


Amsterdam by Karman

10. Reflex by Vistosi

The Reflex collection by Vistosi experiments with the diffusion and reflection of light, evoking emotions of simplicity and lightness. Drawing inspiration from soap bubbles and childhood memories, Reflex passes an LED light source through a glass bubble, refracting on a mirror at the bottom in a game of continuous rebounds. The collection is available in three different sinuous shapes and glass finishes, including crystal, smoke, amber and light amethyst tones.


Reflex by Vistosi Euroluce 2019 Reflex by Vistosi Euroluce 2019

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