LZF: The Subtle Art of Wood Veneers

LZF Link Chandelier

Staying true to their roots, LZF lighting has been a stand out company since 1994. Based in Valencia, Spain, LZF specializes in hand-made wood veneer lighting, with their unique lamps bringing character to any space. Starting off as a relatively small company, LZF has managed to achieve major recognition in the design world, growing to become one of the world’s most respected boutique lighting companies.

One of the great things about LZF is their large selection of lighting fixtures, designed using their iconic material and known to create a soft atmosphere balancing the beauty of wood and lighting.

LZF carries lighting for all occasions and spaces which is hand crafted and made to bring a natural, raw charm.

Today, the company continues to design new lighting collections that are entirely hand-made. Still based in Valencia, the company moved their office to a charming winery in the country side.

The science behind these beautiful lights is their special patented technology…

Firstly, thin layers of veneer are laminated on both sides; this process makes it resistant to fire and incredibly durable. Afterwards, the layers of wood are bent to take on a variety of different shapes.

Below we give you a gallery breakdown of their different categories of lighting, some of which you may find on our site!


Used as a statement piece and can most commonly be seen in a dining room, grand hall, living room, etc.


Used to accent certain areas and add depth and character. These lights can be seen in a kitchen, hall, dining room, living room, etc.


Used as task and accent lighting, commonly found in a bedroom, bathroom, gallery, hallway, etc.


Used to illuminate task areas around a space such as a bedroom, living room, office etc.

More of their work includes: Life Size, Funny Farm, Screens, etc.

To learn more about the wonderful creations of LZF Lighting and to learn more about their journey, visit their site for more information.

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