How To Light A Modern Bathroom

Modern LED Task Lighting

When doing renovations, bathrooms are typically given the least consideration. Clients often neglect a space that is used very frequently by putting little thought into the design and function. What most people don’t consider is the lighting fixtures. They end up being either too small or too big in proportion to the wall, sink and/or mirror. In turn, picking out the most important part of a space can seem incredibly intimidating. To pick out the perfect bathroom lighting fixtures you need to consider a few things…

There are 2 types of lights that can normally be found in a bathroom: Task Lighting and Ambient Lighting

Task Lighting

Light illuminating the grooming process in front of the mirror- typically surrounding the mirror. The best placement for task lighting is on either side of the vanity for the equal distribution of illumination.

Brink Dweled Bath Bar by WAC Lighting

Brink dweLED Bath Bar by WAC Lighting


Remember that in order for there to be equal distribution of light. Task Lights should be hung 26-40 (2’-1”) inches apart and 66 (5’-5”)inches above the floor.

Ambient Lighting

This light acts as the ‘fill-in’ for natural light, typically found centered on the ceiling in the bathroom to add extra illumination into the space.

Loft Flush Mount by Modern Forms

Loft Flush Mount by Modern Forms


Difference between bulbs 

Cool bulbs or daylight are crisper and show complexions and skin tones accurately as they mimic natural light creating a comfortable environment, whereas warmer bulbs create cozier environments.

Kube Dweled Bath Bar by WAC Lighting

Cool Bulb – Kube dweLED Bath Bar by WAC Lighting

Matrix LED Flush Mount by Modern Forms

Warm bulb- Matrix LED Flush Mount by Modern Forms

Things to Remember with Bathroom Lighting:

When figuring out light placement is that as much as you want to put a single lighting fixture above the vanity whether its recessed, directly above the mirror, or back lighting the mirror- it’s the biggest mistake a first time renovator can make. The distribution of light can be skewed which won’t give equal distribution of illumination. It is recommended that you place or incorporate multiple bars around a mirror for maximum impact.

TIP! When choosing light fixtures, two great bathroom light companies are Modern Forms and W.A.C Lighting (Surprise, they’re related!). With integrated LED’s they are safe with moisture and are energy efficient so they can last you up to 40 thousand hours. The brands’ bath bars and ceiling lights come in a variety of sizes so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting the space. With great prices, quick shipping and easy installation you can’t go wrong.


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