SLAMP: The Leading Light of 2017

SLAMP Aria and Avia Lamps by Zaha Hadid

What really defines a space when you first walk into it? Believe it or not it’s actually something that a number of people in spaces new or old tend to overlook. Something so essential is simply overlooked because it hangs right above you or stands in a corner.

Lighting is the most essential element in decorating and bringing the design of the home together. Lighting is a source of life that brings reality and illusion together merging it into boundless energy. It’s an important part of any interior or exterior because that is what designs and color palettes are based off to create a unified space. The goal is to make the interior feel as bright, airy and open as the outdoors without bringing it in.

Set up in 1994, the idea behind SLAMP: THE LEADING LIGHT, was to create something new in Italian Design, something that could be able to offer the client high quality lighting with innovative materials, unconventional modern design and excellent industrial production without breaking the bank.


Drusa Suspension Lamp in white by SLAMP

Drusa Suspension Lamp in white

Working with 55 designers to bring creative visions to light, including the incredible talents of Analogia Project, Robert Wilson and Zaha Hadid to name a few, SLAMP is taking over the lighting industry by storm.

With SLAMP’s vast experimentation and research using different materials such as Opaflex, Morphing Effect, LED Technology, Iridescent Polarization, etc. The company takes something as simple as the concept of lighting a space, no matter how big or small and turns it into beautiful art forms that not only define the space but give it a unique character worth remembering.

SLAMP’s wide variety of product caters to a vast audience and clientele.  The range of products include suspension lamps, ceiling/wall lamps and floor/table lamps. Ranging anywhere from $500 to $2000 you can bring light to both indoor and outdoor spaces whether it’s a residential or commercial property.

Collaborating with the most prestigious of designers, the company brings design, function, aesthetics and innovation together to create a new found culture and passion in lighting.


Dome Suspension Lamp in Orange

Dome Suspension Lamp in Orange

Lighting in spaces can be really tricky because every space is different. So in order to achieve a unique distribution of light in the space you need to define it with the perfect piece. SLAMP combines art with optics to create flowing pieces that are hassle free because of their innovative materials and LED lighting, so you never have to switch a bulb.

Slamp Dimple Pendant

Dimple Trio Pendant in Rose

SLAMP Pendants are perfect for putting emphasis on certain areas such as a kitchen island, setting the mood in restaurants, and even on your back porch.


Slamp Clizia Floor Lamp

Clizia Floor Lamp in Fume

SLAMP Floor lamps can give any living room the artistic contemporary feeling without being overpowering.

Aria Transparent Chandelier

Aria Transparent Chandelier, design by Zaha Hadid

SLAMP Chandeliers give great character to any foyer, dining room and grand staircase with their elevated simple beauty and elegance.

Slamp Mirage Wall Lamp

Mirage Wall Lamp

SLAMP wall sconces give the intricacies of technology combined with elevated innovation and aesthetics to any hallway, gallery, or outdoor entertaining space.

Cactus SLAMP Table Lamp

Cactus Prisma XS Table Lamp

SLAMP gives working at the office or any simple table top a fun twist with their unconventional sculptural interpretation of bringing the outdoors in.

For more information on the company, check out their official website:

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