VISO Lighting – Life is Light

When supporting local lighting brands, it’s important to know that you are putting your money towards good quality, sustainability and design. The objective is to be proud of what and who you represent when you use their product. With VISO Lighting you get just that.

VISO works closely with architects and designers to present an unconventional approach to lighting. This Canadian company specializes in contemporary decorative light fixtures, as well as custom lighting design and rendering services. Their goal is to serve a number of clients in hospitality, commercial, infrastructure and residential industries.

Their mission is to ‘enable clients to create visually dramatic atmospheres through the use of decorative lighting’. Because of this, VISO’s ultimate focus is to having a 100% green supply chain. VISO truly does capture the essence of ‘Life is Light’; by creating unique combinations of forms and colors to fit any interior, VISO turns lighting into art.

A few notable projects of VISO Lighting include…

Saks Fifth Avenue, Audi Headquarters, LAX & JFK Airports, Canadian Consulate in Britain and the Tim Hortons global headquarters, to name a few.

In case you’re still not convinced…

Below we included a few show-stopping pieces that are sure to win you over.


Redesign your space with this innovative pendant that is made to illuminate the entire area. Layer the Cubie Pendant for added enlightenment.

Cubie Pendant by VISO Lighting available in a variety of colors and sizes to match any interior

Cubie Pendant Light by VISO Lighting


Enlighten your space with an elegant piece available in 2 finishes and 4 sizes. The Bolio Pendant Light is a perfect piece for layering to add a creative beauty to the space.

This beautiful VISO pendant light comes in a variety of sizes and colors and is entirely customizable

Bolio Pendant Light by VISO Lighting



VISO’s use of sleek, innovative and sustainable materials makes this suspension lamp a must have. Coming in 4 different finishes and 3 different sizes.  The Ring Suspension Light is perfect for those minimalist souls who love adding depth and character while still seeming effortless, layering can also be an option.

The Ring is an effortless piece that can be layered for added affect.

Ring Suspension Light by VISO Lighting


This hanging pendant can elevate the beauty of your space by fusing with contemporary design. Rhea-LED Light Pendant comes as a single, 9 piece or 26 piece pendant with 4 different cord options and 3 different globe options. Customization perfect for any space!

Rhea multi light pendant can be customized to fit any interior

Rhea-LED 9 Multi Light Pendant by VISO Lighting


Take lighting to new heights with this charming floor lamp. The JUJU Lamp features a curvy shape with unique materials (such as velvet) and with 2 shade and 2 base options, VISO brings a lamp that fits any environment.

White JUJU floor lamp by VISO Lighting

JUJU Floor Lamp by VISO Lighting


Impress guests with style, function and the appearance of the Ruskii Pendant by VISO. With 4 finishes and 2 sizes, these pendants are made to compliment nearly every environment.

Impress guests with style, function and the appearance of the Ruskii Pendant

Ruskii Pendant Light by VISO Lighting



Add a modern touch to your space with premium quality materials that makes the Archie Floor Lamp easy to blend into any environment.

Add a modern touch to your space with the Archie Floor Lamp.

Archie Floor Lamp by VISO Lighting


Lounge under the beautiful Wandering Star Suspension Light. With 3 different finishes and 2 different sizes, these pendants cater to the modern minimalist and are perfect for layering and any color environment.

Lounge under the beautiful Wandering Star suspension light.

Wandering Star Suspension Light by VISO Lighting


Casa Di Luce is proud to be an official dealer of VISO Lighting. If you wan’t to learn more about this unique brand, visit VISO’s website for more information!

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